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how to apply fake nails

how to apply fake nails
I almost always have a set of fake nails on. They are really easy to apply and are extremely affordable!
Here’s what you’ll need. I recommend the “KISS” brand for nails and glue.

what you'll need

First, you need to prep your nails (file + buff).



Then you’ll want to fit your perfect fit. Match the fake nail that’s closest in size with your nail.

match nail size

Now it’s time to put on the glue. I choose to use this glue that doesn’t come with the set of nails.
I find that the brush is a lot easier to apply the glue and it holds a lot better.

apply glue

hold for 30 seconds

I personally also like to clip the length a little bit and then file the nails smooth.

clip and file

Now it’s time for the fun part  – painting! My favorite brand of polish is essie. I used the color “licorice”.

essie nail polish

paint nails

what you’ll need ▾
• nail kit (I used the KISS brand)
• brush-on glue (I used the KISS brand)
• nail file
• buffer
• nail polish

here’s what to do ▾
– prep your nails (file + buff)
– match the fake nails to your nail size
– apply glue to your nail and the back of the fake nail
– press and hold on your nail for 30 seconds
… apply your favorite nail polish!

where to buy ▾
nail kit: amazon
brush-on nail glue: amazon
essie nail polish: amazon

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